One-on-One Coaching

You can now work with me one-on-one to build your digital marketing efforts into money making, lead generating machines.

Who are you?
You could be a Solopreneur, a Start up, a Manager, an Executive or anyone that needs to lead their online business to digital marketing dominance.

What can you teach me?
That’s entirely up to you! Thats the beauty of one-on-one individual coaching, is that you decide what you need help with and I help you. With an entire breadth of knowledge and 16 years experience, I’m confident that I can bring your digital marketing to where you business needs it to be.

Pricing starts from just $80 per 30mins, or $50 per week for unlimited email support.


Fast Start Your Business

You’ve got your product, your book or service all ready to go. You know you need a digital presence but where to start and how do you get up and running in the shortest amount of time?

Who are you selling too?
Do you need all to be on every social media channel?
Do you need a website, email list?

If you’ve feeling overwhelmed and need an experienced, digital marketing expert to guide you through all that you need and all that you don’t.

From AU$1999 + GST
Together we’ll uncover who you should to marketing too, where you should target them and how to you should be doing it.
What you’ll get:
1) A customised written digital strategy and online business plan which includes a digital marketing planner with examples of targeted effective content, where and how to source your content.
2) Unlimited email support for 12 weeks
3) 4 x 15 minute voice calls where we dive deep into your needs to drive your business forward.

From AU$5700
You’ll receive:
1) Everything listed above and included in the DIY Package.
2) Unlimited email support for 12 months
3) Full set up of all recommended social media channels.
4) First month’s worth of content of all of your social media channels.
5) Email list setup with email template and 1st email draft.
6) Setup of your digital assets in Canva.
7) Facebook (or Instagram) advertising campaign including advertising costs of up to $200AU