Amanda: A Disclaimer

I could have written out a bog-standard ‘about me’ page, but instead of boring you to death, I’ve chosen to cover my arse (as such) and put up a disclaimer.


  • I am not a doctor, psychologist, lawyer, accountant, scientist or degree qualified expert of any kind, on any topic. This site is full of my opinions on a whole range of topics, basically I’m just your run of the mill internet big mouth. If you chose to take professional advise, from me, on those sorts of important issues, that is very kind of you, but you’re on your own.
  • My opinions are my own, I have no corporate sponsors, religious or political ties. I do NOT represent anyone but myself. If I ever post content, for which I receive some kind of benefit, I will make that clear in the post, i.e sponsored post.
  • Sometimes I swear. If that bothers you, please don’t waste your time letting me know. I have no plans, on changing my language any time soon.
  • However, If I have spoken to a concept or word that is offensive, please assume it is from ignorance and not hate. If this ever happens, just let me know.
  • If I have been inspired by, or am directly referencing someone else’s work, I will always provide correct  accreditation or citation (bear in mind, I sucked at referencing my Uni papers, so if I stuff something up, let me know and I’ll fix it).
  • One last dot point – any threats, harassment or shitty behaviour, either in comments or private message, will be outed! I have no issues naming and shaming you, should you be so pathetic as to resort to abuse. No one with a decent factual argument, needs to lower themselves to abusive behaviours.

Prove Me Wrong!

I love to be proven wrong (yes, seriously). It’s how we learn, grow and move forward with life. Like I’ve gone to pains to point out above, these are my opinions, nothing more, nothing less. But be warned, if you wish to dispute or disagree with any content, come armed with citations &/or proof of your claims.Leave a comment and let’s talk it out. The world can only get better, when people share their knowledge with others. Who’s not for reducing the number of stupid people on this planet, right?

The Boring All About Me Stuff

I have lived, what feels like a life and a half.I have lived independently and followed my own path, since I was age sixteen. I’ve somehow managed to keep myself alive until middle age, so I must have learnt a few things…one would hope!I live in the wonderful land of Oz (Australia), but have travelled extensively and have friends all over the globe.

Proud to be Dealing with my Mental Illnesses

I deal with mental illnesses day in, day out. I don’t talk about it all that often, but to help diminish the stigma around what mentally ill people can and can’t do, I will not hide it.